Student Submissions

Killer Clowns At School
By Tyshawna Slack ’23

One day in sixth grade, I was playing outside with my classmates and all of a sudden, we heard the blaring sound of rusty chainsaws. We continued to play but then we looked towards the school and you wouldn’t believe what we saw.

We saw three clowns who were obviously adults and were wearing identical face masks. I wasn’t super scared by this sight but I had no idea what to do; it’s not like they teach us in school on what to do if you see clowns at school.

Then we heard police sirens. The clowns tried to run away and hide across the street from the school. One managed to escape but the other two were caught by the police. While all of this was happening, the school was on lockdown.

After the lockdown, we resumed like nothing had happened. We thought the entire thing was a joke. But that same day, the fire alarm went off. So now the entire school is stuck on the school field. We thought this was an ordinary fire drill but then we heard more of the chainsaws and we all freaked out. We realized that the clowns were the ones who pulled the fire alarm and made us get out. But thank god there was a police officer there and they got them.

We were all scared when we saw the clowns. We believed that the clown that pulled the alarm was the leader of the group of clowns because he was at school when we were playing at recess. And somehow, he managed to not get caught by the police.

Before all of this happened, I remember seeing on Instagram that the clowns were coming to White Center. And my school was in White Center! My friends and I thought the entire thing was a joke. We were so shocked that they actually showed up.

After school, my friends and I saw a door open to this creepy, blue house. We were stupid enough to go inside the house and as we walked in, we saw more clowns in the backyard, about ten of them! We went in a closet to hide and while we were in the closet, a pair of shoes fell down. We heard whispers and they knew that we were inside so we opened the door and we had to run for it. My friend tripped and the clowns saw us! So we had to run away from them. As we were running away, our backpacks got caught on this tree and it ripped our bags.

An hour went by and we ended up at the Boys and Girls Club with our clothes soaking wet and shoes dripping of mud. We were so scared by what we saw. We didn’t know what was going to happen to us. We thought we were going to get in trouble for going into a random house full of clowns. We had questions and we wanted answers.

The next day we went back to school and there was an emergency assembly about the clown incident. We found out that one of our teachers was the leader of the clowns. We were shocked to hear this because he was everyone’s favorite teacher at school. We would never expect—out of all people—him to be the clown. We refused to believe it at first. He told our principal that the entire thing was just a joke. But at the end of the day, it was not a joke to us. He eventually got fired and I don’t know what happened to him. Maybe he’s still running around chasing children.

By Anonymous

By Thea Flora ’20