A March Miracle


On Friday, March 22nd, Team Draco rolled to a 20-17 victory over You Got Schooled in the championship game of Garfield’s annual March Madness tournament, ending a week of thrilling three-on-three basketball.

Both the teachers and Team Draco flew through their first three games, blowing out opponents offensively and locking down on defense.

You Got Schooled was led by Tre Simmons, a Garfield staff member who has played both college and professional basketball. The veteran teacher team shot effectively throughout the tournament, thanks to Mr. Lee and Mr. Willis, who were both successful from the three-point arc.

With such strong all-around playing and a considerable size advantage, the teachers were expected to soar to another tournament victory. They were hungry for the win after facing a tough loss in last year’s championship game.

Enter Team Draco, the scrappy and confident group of ballers from the Isopods division. Draco played tough, complementing their aggressive style with cheeky taunting and intimidation. Despite fierce competition from the staff team, Draco was able to pull out the win due to Joshua Davis hitting his shots, Caleb Anglin driving to the hoop, and Henry Garrett playing aggressive defense.

When asked what the key to Draco’s success was, Anglin said, “Just playing defense, and not letting teams score a lot. And upping the score so we didn’t have to worry about them coming back.”

Team Draco saw the entire tournament, including the battle with the teachers, as a walk in the park.

“It was pretty easy. We smacked every team we played,” Anglin said.

As a defending March Madness champion, Anglin was glad to polish off his legacy with

another tournament trophy. His final advice for the fans? “J-How, keep your feet up.”