Freshletes: Spring Edition

Annika Harding (Womens Tennis)

Annika Harding is looking to take the tennis court by storm. As one of the only freshmen on the womens varsity tennis team, she is looking to help bring the girls program lots of success. Harding describes the program as very inclusive, and gives credit to tennis veterans for helping her out.

Tennis prowess runs in the Harding family, as Annika’s sister, Katie, is a junior on the varsity squad. This familial connection has made the varsity experience a lot easier and more fun.

Even as a newcomer, Harding has high expectations for the program and herself, her ultimate goal for the season being a win in Metros. Harding has been playing tennis since she was three years old, and her experience is helping her adjust to the rigor and commitment of varsity sports.

After playing on many teams, she says ,“the people on the team, and the ability to represent Garfield at our meets [separate Garfield tennis from the other teams].”

Teammates have high opinions of Harding as well.

“[Annika] brings a fun energy and is a great addition to the team this year,” said junior Clara Neville. Make sure to pop out to a tennis match and watch Annika destroy the competition.

Nate Korahais (Mens Baseball)

While he is not a freshman, sophomore transfer Nate Korahais is new to Garfield. Having joined Garfield after leaving O’Dea, Korahais says that Garfield baseball has welcomed him with open arms. While he is one of only two underclassmen on the varsity squad, Nate is prepared for the challenges ahead.

“I was a little worried at first, because I had to get used to the norms. But I think I’ve ended up fitting in really well.”

Part of his nervousness has been inspired by the fact that the varsity team currently has 13 seniors on the roster. While intimidating, it has allowed Korahais to absorb knowledge from some of the best.

“I look up to [Stanford Baseball commit] Owen Cobb. He represents where I want to be in a few years. I was really happy to make varsity because it meant I could watch and learn from him, and kind of pick his brain to mimic what he does.”

As a catcher and shortstop, Korahais is captain of the infield, and he has high goals for the squad he seems poised to lead in the coming years.

“As a team, our goals are to make the state playoffs. They almost got there last year, and we have a really strong group of seniors this year, and we definitely have a chance.”

Ada Carr (Womens LAX)

Even after playing competitive lacrosse since the third grade, Ada Carr still finds something new and different about Garfield womens lacrosse.

She says the program isn’t filled with the typical ‘lax gals.’

“It’s really fun and I really look up to the upperclassmen who are such great leaders.”

While she’s only a freshman, Carr has already found a close-knit community on the team. Carr acknowledges that the team has a ways to grow this year, but still has high expectations goals for the program.

“I want girls lacrosse to get full recognition and funding as a Garfield school sport.”

While she acknowledges that being a freshman on a varsity sport can be difficult, she is hopeful that she can contribute to the teams playoff hopes.

“I hope I can continue the legacy left by the strong group of seniors we have this year.”