Student Submissions

Chapter 2: The Day I Couldn’t Fly

It was my first day of school, I was nervous and excited at the same time! When my alarm went off, I turned it off and got out of bed. I did my usual morning routine for school, and then I chose my outfit for the first day. My outfit was this beautiful, red dress that had spaghetti straps. Since it was fall and freezing outside, I put some black leggings under my dress and finally, a black leather jacket. Before I went to have breakfast, I took one last look in the mirror and said to myself, “Girlfriend, you look so cute!”. When I got to the kitchen, my parents were cooking one of my favorite breakfast foods, French toast. Both of my parents laughed as they realized I was excited they were cooking French toast. We had our breakfast with fruit. After eating, my parents kissed me good luck. Then I waited outside for my bus to show up. After awhile… it finally showed up. Before getting onto the bus, the bus driver said “Hi” to me, as I said “Hi” back. When I was seated on the bus, the bus driver said that she was gonna pick up a few more kids. I said, “Okay.” When the bus departed from my house, I took out my earbuds and my phone, put on some music and tuned out… After picking up a few more kids, we finally arrived at the high school. The was called Central Valley High School, home of the mountain lions! Once the bus stopped, the bus driver put the lift down for me and the two other students who also use a wheelchair.

After fourth period was over, it was my favorite class of the day- guitar! Even though I did love playing the guitar, that wasn’t the only reason I loved the class. There was this boy named Drew Vader. He had short, black hair and brown eyes. Since I was short, he was taller than me, which I loved because who doesn’t like tall guys! When class started, Mr. Carson, our guitar teacher introduced himself to the class. He was a tall, bald African-American teacher. He was funny too, all the students loved his sense of humor.

Finally, school was over which meant my first day was officially over. I went to the nurses office to park my wheelchair for tomorrow, as I was about to leave out of the doors, Drew grabbed my arm and called my name, “Juliet, wait up! do you have a minute? I want you to listen to a song.”

“Can you please give me a ride home after this?” I asked him. He nodded and quickly pushed my wheelchair inside the school.

“Dang boy, slow down! Do you want me die?” I asked him. He laughed when I said that. I realized he had a pretty cute smile – then he notice that I was staring at him, and that smile turned into a smirk. After awhile, we made it to the music room. Drew put the key inside to open it. As he turned the knob, I asked him, “Where did you get the key for the music room?” He said, “The custodian gave an extra key to practice after school, we’re pretty cool with each other.

Once Drew turned on the light to the room, he pulled up a stool into the middle of the room so he could sit and play the guitar at the same time. I sat next time to him as he started playing his acoustic guitar. Then he said, “This song is called Running Around In My Dreams by Tyrone Wells”

I replied, “OMG! I love that song. It’s such a cute song!” Drew smiled and said, “A cute song for a cute girl!” I blushed really hard when he said that. – After he was done playing his guitar, he packed his guitar into his guitar case. Then I realized it was almost 10:00 pm! I told Drew that I really had to get going.

Then, he turned my wheelchair and kissed me…