Lacrosse Across Garfield

The womens lacrosse team joins Garfield sports.

Purple flashes down the field, lacrosse sticks in hand, players feet pouding the turf. For the first time in Garfield history, the lax ladies are an official spring sport. Many students are gearing up and getting ready for a thrilling season ahead.

For the past couple of years, the lacrosse team has thrived even before it was given the title of an official school sport.

“Last year we had a really big turnout of people trying to sign up,” said Junior Zoe Tsaii, long time lacrosse goalie. Many students found the Lacrosse team to be a welcoming sport.

“It’s a really easy sport to start because it’s relatively new to the west coast, ” Tsaii said. “It’s not like soccer where you need a lot of experience just to get on a team.” This was a possible cause for the huge growth of incoming players in the past couple years.

When it comes to the team environment, it is all around fitting for most Garfield sports, competitive but friendly, and most definitely team oriented.

“We are super supportive… it is a really positive environment” Tsaii said, “I have had a really good experience.”

Although the sport has joined in on being an official garfield sport, little change outside of titles is expected for the team.

“We are still managed kind of by parents so we are not a school sport in that regard,” Tsaii said. “But we are going to be able to participate in assemblies. But that is basically it.”

The sports introduction into the school will also be beneficial because it will allow for in school advertising of games and try outs.

As spring season approaches and the team starts official games, the sport will start to become full swing. If you ever feel the inkling, come down and support our Lady Bulldogs.