You Don’t Even Know Me

[ Student Submission ]

You see me in class, Of course, you notice me because I’m the main one talking.

I play past the rules

I’m young

I’m pretty

I’m African American

So, of course you

Think I don’t care about my grades.

I’m black so of course you think I’m stupid


My grades are the random, Poetry is my thing

History is a breeze.

When you said I should be happy going home with that C,

I rebuttal education is a key.

I’ve been wondering lately,

Trying to figure out just how it could be that you’re around me soften and still don’t know a thing About me.

You see me on Instagram fighting for my right,

Telling you how my people are treated in this country.

So there I am fighting for my rights

Socially, Mentally, Physically,

You see me every time you hit a social media app you see me

On Facebook, Twitter and Snap and back at it on Instagram

Yet you keep swiping down

There I am again,

Yet you just flick me off.

But when you see me on the street you walk past me like you’ve just eaten a spider.

Every time I try to make a change it’s always disturbed my hatred.

C’mon stop being a hater and be a lover

You see me anywhere cause I’m told same.

I’m not just any ordinary girl

I’m beautiful, Young, Oromo, I’m also a hijabe.

Each time I raise my hand with a question the teacher is inferring I need additional support

Digits might not be my thing but I know my history

Even the ones that aren’t told.

My people’s voices aren’t heard

We fight for our rights

We hold our fist up as if it’s a Black Lives Matter movement.

You still don’t know a thing about me you figure out that I’m Oromo somewhat called Ethiopian

You assume all we eat is injera.

My mom buys all the recipes with a bargain price.

Assumption running out my way,

Just like how water goes down a waterfall.

Flying into my ears all the dirty things you say about me

Excluding me from my rights you put a NO!

To my life.

I’m always stereotyped.