Get to Know Ms. Shirude

Meet our newest math teacher.


Photo by Jefferson Ashby

One word you would use to describe Garfield?
Active, there’s a lot going on at this school all the time, we have some really amazing programing happening. We also acknowledge a lot of the issues that happen in our society, and the students are really active in their communities talking about the issues that we face politically and hardships all of our students of color deal with, its really unique to garfield for students to be apart of moving things forward.

What made you become a teacher?
My grandfather used to be a math teacher and he was my hero growing up. He came to visit America for the first time when I was in second grade and he used to do crossword puzzles in India everyday in the newspaper. He would get frustrated at the crossword puzzles because he didn’t know the words and so I taught him how to do sudoku puzzles. He could do those because math is a universal language which is really cool. So every single day till he passed away, he would do the sudoku puzzles in the paper, and I had that much of an influence on him when I was eight years old by something I taught him how to do. So being able to come in and teach students things and having that ability to be that impact in someone is really really important for me.

What’s your favorite way to spend a weekend?
That’s changed since I became a teacher, I used to like to do things like go hiking and Bollywood dancing, and since I’ve been a teacher it’s been to sleep because omg I don’t get any sleep during the week ever.

Who do you admire most in this world and why?
My mom because she has stage 4 cancer and has been fighting it for six years now and is the probably the most strong-willed person ever.

Favorite color?
Yellow, it’s happy like the sun, and smiley faces.

If you won 2 million dollars what would you do with that money?
My instinct would be to deck out my classroom, and pay off my car loan, but I know my parents are struggling right now paying the hospital bills so I would probably just give the money to them, because I don’t know what I would do, I feel like I have everything I need and everything else is just extra.

Do pineapples belong on pizza?

If you can change your name what would you change it to?
I would never change my name, I have an awesome name. My first name is Shraddah which means devotion, its an Indian name.