GHS Thrift Shop

Bulldogs Poppin’ Tags.


Art by Ariel Cook

This fall, Garfield students can save their wallets and support their peers by donating clothes to the GHS thrift shop. Organized by the class of 2021’s Vice President Maxine Embry and Senator Claire Balcom, Garfield has a trendy and practical way for students to buy inexpensive clothes, especially coats, for the winter.
“There are some students that don’t necessarily have access outside of school to warm winter clothes,” said Class of 2021 President Amarra Andresen. The thrift shop’s policy of keeping prices under five dollars coupled with its central location in the Activity Center makes it an affordable and accessible resource for students.
Andresen emphasizes how resources at Garfield are here to support students’ overall well-being, both inside and outside the classroom. “There are people that will help them. It’s just a matter of finding those people,” Andresen said.
The thrift shop is also reaching out to people with clothes to spare. 2021 ASB is asking those that have access to more resources to give back to the community by donating their used clothes for this winter. Anyone who donates a warm winter coat gets the perk of choosing a free piece of clothing from the shop. Donations will be accepted through November in room 203 at lunch on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.
In a school with people of different socioeconomic classes, backgrounds, and ages, 2021 ASB hopes the thrift shop will bring Garfield’s vast community closer together. Since clothes are being donated by peers for peers, items found in the thrift shop will be unique to our community. “Some of the things people are donating are things they are growing out of. So it might be upperclassmen donating clothes … that underclassmen can wear,” Class of 2021 Senator Claire Balcom said. “It’s really cool to bring people together in a cycle in that way.”
The new thrift shop is also helping the Class of 2021 raise money for senior prom, while also potentially supporting other future school dances. “We were trying to find something that would make us a little money but also be really fun for the Garfield community in general,” Balcom said. The 2021 ASB wants people to feel like they are buying things they find worthwhile while still fundraising for their class.
The thrift shop will in open in December and continue to sell throughout the month. Don’t worry about buying dirty clothes. All clothes will be washed prior to being sold. Whether you’re in need of functional or fashionable clothes, be sure to keep your eyes out for the GHS thrift shop.