The Club Beat

A look inside featured clubs at Garfield.

Meets in room 221 every other Tuesday.
Culture is something that everyone can take part in. Project PengYou is a club that holds meetings in which members discuss Asian culture in America and beyond. Project PengYou also wants students to gain a sense of community within Garfield.
“My overall goal is to expand. We would love to see how much of the Garfield community we can reach, ” said senior Alex Huynh, the president of Project PengYou.
“We would like to have a multi culture night for the school, which would involve all of the cultural clubs at Garfield” said Huynh.

Meets in room 115B during lunch on Monday. Will be switching to after school when the fall quarter comes to an end.
Coding. That’s how video games are made, and that’s how computers run. Girls Who Code is a place for girls to learn how to code, explore their ideas and interests, and build skills to be able to create their own websites, games, apps, and more. In 2015, Yasna Vismale and Alexandria Storm started Girls Who Code before graduating in 2017.
“It’s important to have clubs like this in schools because it provides [an] opportunity for students to expand and explore their interests,” said Betty Cheng, a sophomore, and the vice president of Girls Who Code.
“I want girls to have the same opportunities [as boys] in the tech industry” said Cheng. Girls Who Code also have a website where you can check out the creations girls from the club have made. The Girls Who Code website is

Meets in room 221 every Thursday.
To create a club at Garfield, all you have to do is fill out an online application and let ASB meet to discuss the proposal. This is exactly what sophomore Sabiriin Abdi did this year when she set out to create the Somali Youth Club.
“My goal this year is mainly for Somali students to stick together and get more exposure to their culture,” said Abdi.
SYC wants to extend their learning beyond the club to other peers who want to learn about different cultures at Garfield.