Quest For The Best: Candyshops

In the spirit of Halloween and trick-or-treating, we have found some of the best small business candy stores in Seattle. Whether you are looking for  a classic throwback, a gift for a friend, or something new and unusual, one of these places will have the right treat for you. We ranked these stores based on their price, originality, and environment (how comfortable, spacious, or visually pleasing they are). All of these businesses are locally owned一 excluding Rocky Mountain Chocolate factory一  and are consequently fairly expensive. While chains like Candy Tyme and Sweet Factory may be more reasonably priced, we made a conscious effort to explore the smaller hidden shops of Seattle in order to support local business.


The Confectionary

Price: $$$


Originality: 3/5

Neighborhood: University District


The Confectionery is an old-fashioned style candy stored snuggled between Eileen Fisher and Tommy Bahama in University Village. The store can be recognized by it’s pink and white striped awning and a cotton candy colored interior. Inside, there is an array of unconventional gummies and chocolates. Their large selection of expensive chocolates, average about $2.95 per piece. When we visited in early October, the store’s interior was festively decorated with spiderwebs and skeletons in honor of Halloween.


Rocket Fizz

Price: $

Environment: 4/5

Originality: 5/5

Neighborhood: Capitol Hill


 Although it is easy to walk down Broadway without noticing this store, the inside of this hidden gem is brightly colored with an amazing amounts of sodas and candies. Rocket Fizz is just across the street from the Capitol Hill light rail station on Broadway and has every kind candy imaginable, from childhood classics to bizarre unheard-of treats. Although the candy selection is incredible, the true star is the soda collection. From flavors like dog drool to ranch dressing to key lime pie, Rocket Fizz has every possible type of soda. We decided to try a grape soda named ‘Purple Haze’, after Garfield alum Jimi Hendrix. All of the candies are inexpensive, most ranging from twenty-five cents to four dollars. The staff is helpful, and the store is easy to navigate.


Old Fashion Candy Store

Price: $$

Environment: 2.5/5

Originality: 2/5

Neighborhood: Downtown


In Pike Place Market, below the fishmongers in black rubber boots and vendors selling jewelry and flowers, there is a compact candy store called “Old Fashion Candy Store” filled with classic sweets. Inside, there is not much breathing room and it is by far the smallest of all of the stores visited. Despite this, there is a large selection of simple candies like Skittles, M&M’s and Snickers. The stores most outstanding feature was its large selection different flavored jelly beans and candy canes. For the simplicity of the candies, the prices are pretty unreasonable. We decided to purchase classic cherry and green apple zots which were $1.35 per pack. Elsewhere, packs of Zots can be found ranging from twenty five to seventy five cents.


Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

Price: $$$

Environment: 3/5


Neighborhood: Downtown


Rocky Mountain Chocolate factory is an upscale candy store on 1st avenue. Vibrant candy apples are displayed in the window, drawing in the passers by. Although tasty, these sweets are undeniably expensive. The candy apples, for example, start at $6.95 and increase in price from there. We decided to try the classic caramel apple. The flavors were strong and satisfying, and the caramel was smooth and creamy. The store is comfortable, but it is not particularly charming. The walls aren’t decorated, and the room is painted a dark purple color. Rocky Mountain Chocolate factory is perfect for a gift or special occasion, but it has a more corporate feeling to it than the other locally owned candy stores do. There are nine stores in Washington State alone and dozens more in the United States.