Get To Know

Ezra Angelou-Lysaker.

Alex Ferry

Most freshmen come into GHS pretty lost in the sauce, just trying to find their place. However, freshman Ezra Angelou-Lysaker has his path laid out for him.

He has moved about nine times throughout his life,
but he’s finally settled down, and were happy he chose to be a bulldog because he has some mad skills.

“My family always liked to dance. We’d be
in the basement or something
just dancing around, and I guess I just liked it,” said Angelou-Lysaker. “I took one class when I was about seven, I thought I was really good. My friend had been on a dance team for about seven years, and I thought it would be really cool to do competitions like he did, so I tried out.”

Last year, Ezra got serious. He quit soccer to make more time for his dance classes, and he joined the D and G Dance Studio. He started dancing twice a week for three hours.

“It was really quick improvements, and it’s become my passion as well, it’s something I really want to do in the future,” he said.

Hip Hop is so different from any other dance style, which is what makes it so appealing to Ezra.

“It’s a lot more energetic and lively than any other dance style… I also just like doing flips,” said Angelou-Lysaker. “I used to watch So You Think You Can Dance, and there weren’t as many hip hop dancers, so I was always rooting for them.”

People started supporting Ezra and his dancing soon after.

“I started recording myself and made a separate instagram account to post the videos I made. The IG username is Ezra__james,” said Angelou-Lysaker. “I think it’s cool to look back at my old videos and see how much I’ve improved just in this year.”

The shifting point in Ezra’s dancing occurred at one of his competitions when he was able to dance with
professional hip hop dancers.

“I was dancing with profession als, and could kind of keep up. Of course I wasn’t as good, but I could kind of do the same things as them, and that made me think I could actually do this,” said Angelou-Lysaker.

Ever since then, it’s been Ezra’s dream to follow in their footsteps.

“My favorite dancers are Ian Eastwood and Scott Forsyth. They create dances and then have a bunch of people come perform with them. They create choreography and teach classes, which is exactly what I’d like to do.”

Ezra’s incredible work ethic is what will lead him to eventually accomplish his goals.

“I can’t wait to get better, because I love it.”