Haute Dogs

How to look hot when it’s cold outside.

The Extreme Lumberjack

Have too many flannels but sad you can’t find a way to wear them all at once? Cipher was brave enough to try, and succeeded! He is able to pull off this look by covering his body in nothing but flannels head to ankles. Pro tip: tie the flannels at the sleeves so they have a tighter fit on the body.





The REI Raider

Just went on a shopping spree at an outdoor store and don’t know how to wear everything you bought all at once, including your biodegradable hand warmers? Sydney definitely knows how: wear fleece from head to toe, then accessorize with a sharp headlamp, gaiters multi purposed as chic sleeves, rope randomly thrown around the neck for an abstract detail, and hand warmers tucked into the pants for a pop of color. Pro tip: since it’s winter, be sure to whip out the wool socks instead of the classic cotton to go with your Tevas!

The Lowkey Baller

Want to celebrate the basketball szn but also look suave? Be sure to try out this unique take on the athletic trend blended with comfy winter wear! Cipher is wearing two cozy sweaters and basketball shorts, complete with
high socks and sporty shoes. Pro tips: double (or even triple if you’re fashionable enough) up on your sweaters-don’t just layer, add some dimension by styling as a cape. Also, it’s a little chilly outside, but you can still wear shorts-just pair with high socks so your entire leg is covered!




The “I Have Practice at 5 But Snowball at 8”
Is your style effected by your constant struggle to be an athlete and simultaneously have a social life? Don’t worry-with this look, winter formal won’t be another fashion disaster! Sydney is wearing a fun
ky calf-length formal dress with sporty socks, one high heel and one running shoe. Accessories are key for this outfit: we use a traditional Garfield duffle here, but feel free to substitute with a rowing bag or swim backpack. Pro tip: if you want to truly embody this look, go for the one-pigtail hairstyle, it’ll really accentuate your dual lifestyle