Get To Know

Gisele Fox

In the past few months, Bulldogs have been buzzing around with black and yellow bracelets, that say “Save The Bees.” The masterminds behind this environmental movement at Garfield is thanks to sophomores Freya Wiedemann, and Gisele fox.
“We started selling bracelets at the beginning of November,” said Fox. “We’ve been really successful so far and would like to expand to start making more products.”
One of Gisele’s favorite hobbies besides track, modeling, and saving the world, is crocheting – which is why she started making bracelets to help fund the movement.
“We have a whole process to raise money for the bees,” said Fox. “The funding will go to Planet Bee – an organization that helps to build hives and teaches kids the importance of bees.”
Aside from this project, Gisele is an all around environmental activist.
“I’m doing my health research project on how AP Environmental Science and Garfield club Earth Corps affect Garfield and if they do things to help the environment after learning about it,” said Fox.
Fox herself would show positive results among that research, as she has not only been apart of earth corps for three years, she is has translated her learning to her life.
“I really like upcycling projects. When I was in seventh grade I made a bag out of old textbooks. Stuff like that is fun and good for the environment,” said Fox.
Her interest in upcycling piqued her quest for organizations that were doing the same.
“I found out about this company called Thread. They pay people to collect water bottles polluting Haiti and make thread from them,” said Fox. “I’ve been wanting to buy some of their fabric and get into that because it’s one hundred percent recycled bottles.”
Gisele has found her passion for the environment, and she’s doing her best to spread that passion. She leads her life with her go to mantra, “Just figure it out.”
Well Gisele, looks like you’ve done a pretty good job figuring things out so far. Let’s all try to do the same.  -AF