Three Recipes from TV Shows We Need to Remember

Yellow Jello from The Office

  • One box of yellow jello
  • 1 cup cold water
  • 1 cup boiling water
  • 1 stapler

While its last episode aired almost four years ago, The Office and the jello prank Jim pulls on Dwight will never be forgotten. This recipe is very simple. Prepare some yellow jello, stick a stapler in it, let it set, and you’re done. Once you’re ready to eat the jello, you can’t remove the stapler; you must follow Michael’s directions,“eat it out because there are starving people in the world.”

Naco from Kim Possible

  • Soft shell tortilla
  • Taco ingredients (ground beef, beans, lettuce, tomato)
  • A serving of nachos
  • Nacho cheese sauce

There will never be a show like Kim Possible again. No naked mole-rat made to look cute, no cargo pants we all want to own a pair of, never again. The memory of this show now only lives on in the Call Me, Beep Me ringtone many of us have set on our cellphones. There is more we could be doing. Here’s the sitch, the Naco is a concoction dreamed up by Ron, Kim’s always-hungry sidekick, and is really easy to make. Once you prepare your nachos, combine them with whatever taco fillings you want, and dump that into a tortilla shell. To eat, lift up the sides of the tortilla. If it doesn’t look like a dirty diaper, you did something wrong.

Cherry Pie from Twin Peaks

150g (generous ½ cup) cherry jam
150g (¾ cup) caster sugar
1½ tablespoons cornflour
3 tablespoons water or bourbon whiskey
1.25kg (2lb 12oz) sweet cherries, pitted
(750g/1lb 10oz pitted weight)
1 large egg yolk mixed with 1 tablespoon water, for glazing
1 tablespoon granulated sugar

450g (32/3 cups) plain flour, plus extra for dusting
50g (scant ½ cup) ground almonds
100g (generous ¾ cup) icing sugar
Pinch of sea salt
250g (1¼ sticks) unsalted butter, cubed, plus extra for greasing
1 large egg
½ teaspoon vanilla extract
5 tablespoons water

(Recipe from Damn Fine Cherry Pie: Unauthorised Twin Peaks Cookbook by Lindsey Bowden)

The only truly edible recipe on this list comes from a show cancelled before it’s time. Twin Peaks was a great show not only for the gripping investigation into the death of Laura Palmer, but for the food, of course! The cherry pie from the Double R Diner was the go-to dessert and a real scene-stealer. The recipe above comes from Damn Fine Cherry Pie: Unauthorised Twin Peaks Cookbook by Lindsey Bowden, and would be best enjoyed with a cup of coffee. When the Log Lady tells you “The cherry pie is a miracle,” you listen.