How to Get Swole

Yes, keep reading freshmen boys


Praying it goes to your a*s a lot lately? Instead, start praying it goes to your guns.

Gain season is year long for many of our fellow bulldogs. Whether it’s for sports, just to stay fit, or for good looks, many people are looking for a strong build. People think that making it to the big leagues just means going to the gym. But little do they realize, a bag of cheetos a day doesn’t actually keep the doctor away. More likely, they’re keeping away your future six pack.

“People underestimate the importance of eating right,” says Seattle University and former Garfield Men’s basketball Coach Najee. “The more you workout, the more you have to fuel your body.”

Junior Sophie Dixon is looking to make gains this year for extra strength in crew.

“One of my goals is to row in college and gaining muscle and strength is really important in crew,” she says.“I try to eat a lot of protein, so things like rice, beans, and eggs, tofu, and protein bars.”

Hopper shares his swolest secrets as to what it takes to be a state record holder for 15 year olds in weightlifting like him.

“Protein bars and shakes are really good supplements,” says Hopper. “The Costco brand is good because it has lots of protein without a lot of extra sugar.”

“Another thing you can do is make smoothies. Get fruits along with almond milk and whey protein. I use the Gold Standard Whey vanilla flavor, and there’s chocolate as well.”

When you’re working out day and night, like I know all of you are, don’t be afraid to quench your hunger more than usual.

“To get bigger I recommend eating four times a day. Every morning eat four eggs along with meat,” Najee says. “To maintain this if your schedule is busy, you can also make your meals and shakes all at once and meal prep. After every lift drink the shake you make and eat bread, bagels, etc. for carbs.”

Coach Najee recommend at least four workouts a week for anyone trying to get bigger. If you want to take your body seriously, and to the next level, it’s important to keep up your fitness as well as your nutrition in order to stay healthy long term.

“When working out and eating are both going good you’ll see good results. But if you don’t have a consistent workout plan and schedule it’s going to be hard to get those results,” Hopper says.

To swole aspiring Bulldogs, Dixon says to you: “Stay committed to whatever goals you have and don’t get discouraged if you don’t see results right away.”