Treat or Treat, Eat My Beet!

Last-minute Halloween Costume Inspiration


  • Juju on that beet: Are you in with the cool kids?  Do you know what’s hip?  If so, this fun number is the look for you! All you need is a t-shirt, a marker, and a delicious ruby red beet.
  • Math textbook model: Have you always aspired to reach SMG modelling fame, but never thought you were pretty enough?  Well good news, your average looks will be perfect for this 90s-inspired combo.
  • Bo Obama: In this terrifying election cycle, America needs a hero.  Although a silly little thing called the 22nd amendment forces us to give up on our dream of another four years with Barack, Bo is the perfect solution. This quirky and creative costume will surely set you apart from the rest, and only take a few minutes to put together!


  • Brangelina: Everyone’s favorite celebrity couple is no longer with us (RIP), but that doesn’t mean you can’t immortalize them forever with this creative costume.  Pair stylish clothes with as many baby dolls as you can find, and you’ll be the talk of the town.
  • Sexy ghosts: Trying to impress a certain someone, but nervous about showing too much skin?  Do not fear!  Find an old white sheet, and cut two holes Charlie Brown-style.  Once your ghost costume is perfectly positioned, wear your favorite underwear over it to complete the look.


  • Spice girls: Possibly history’s most relevant girl gang, the Spice Girls have been inspiration for halloween costumes for practically forever. But if your budget won’t allow an exact replica of Posh Spice’s wardrobe, try this punny alternative.
  • History teachers: The truest 206 baddies reside in Garfield’s own history department, so any trio would look positively fantastic as Mr. N-K, Mr. Simoneaux, and Mr. Martin.  Each teacher has a nuanced look, but they can be easily achieved with clothes from around the house.