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Urban Legends of the Greater Seattle Area

Steps to Hell, Maltby Washington

At the Maltby Cemetery in Washington, a 16 year old boy and his friends decided they could handle the fright of the steps to hell.

The steps descend underground from the cemetery, and supposedly lead to what was once the tomb of a local family. Witnesses have claimed that once you reach the bottom, it’s as if the world stops moving.

The boy and his friends arrived just after midnight. Once they found these haunted stairs, they shined a light, but after the steps they could only see an expanse of darkness. The boy then descended the steps alone. He reported feeling sick after going down a few steps. As he continued down, he began to feel both lightheaded and nauseated. When he couldn’t take it anymore, he decided to flee, but as he began to run back up, he felt hands pushing him out, and muffled screams from the distance. Later, he found out that it was only his friends screaming to him. He had only gone down six steps…but his friends said he had gone out of sight…

Morgue Haunted House, Georgetown Washington

Many of us have heard of or been to the “Kube 93 Haunted House,” now known as the Morgue Haunted House, located in Georgetown. But did you know the morgue itself was t of one of the most terrifying unsolved crimes in Seattle?

Before the morgue was ever a haunted house, there was an old story about a business meeting at the morgue held by the funeral service. That evening, two armed suspects intruded the building and forced the entire staff of the Funeral services to be bound.All of  them were put into the crematorium and burned alive. No one survived, and today, the suspects are still unknown. After all the employees were dead, no one else wanted to work there. The morgue closed and transformed into the haunted house it is today. It may seem like a harmless production put on in Georgetown, but let us not forget…the suspects were never found.

Mysterious vending machine, Capitol Hill Washington

Dare to press the mystery button? There is so much to explore in Capitol Hill, but if you’re feeling tired of the doing the norm, head to the corner of John street and 10th Ave E. There you will find an antique soda vending machine that looks like it could be over fifty years old. This machine may seem ordinary, other than the fact that it’s old, but there are many discrepancies to its history. There are only four different drink options for the consumer (Coke, Mountain Dew, Pepsi, and Barq’s) yet the machine spits out anything from Hawaiian Punch to Nestea. Not only that, but no one knows where the machine came from, who re-fills it, or who collects the money. It’s a mystery locals have been trying to figure out for years. The next time you’re feeling thirsty for spookiness and wandering around Capitol Hill, slip 75 cents into the mystery machine, push a button, and receive a mystery drink.

The bottomless pit, Ellensburg Washington

Also known as Mel’s hole, this eery pit is found in Ellensburg, Washington, in the hills of Manatash Ridge. You can throw as much as you want in it, and you never hear it hit the bottom, nor does it ever fill up. A local hunter disposed of his dead into the hole. But,  just hours later, the dog was seen trotting through the forest. There’s also a mysterious black pole that supposedly can only be seen coming out of it during certain hours of the day. It appears out of nowhere, witnesses say.