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Let’s Taco Bout It

Taqueria El Asadero-
Rating: Pork, Griffin-3 Eli-3.5 Carne Asada: Griffin-4 Eli-3.5
Known to most as “The Taco Bus on Rainier”, Taqueria El Asadero can certainly be described as BUSS. The crispness of the carne asada pleasantly surprised us, and combined quite well with the cilantro, onion and 3 different types of salsa that came alongside. Unfortunately, our editor mistakenly ordered adobado instead of the carnitas that we were hoping to review, forcing us to branch out from the classics. The adobado was definitely a unique flavor, coated with a potent red spice blend, however it lacked the depth of the other meats. When heading down Rainier, Taqueria El Asadero will always warrant a visit.

El Costeño Taco Truck-
Rating: Carnitas, Griffin-4 Eli-4.5 Carne Asada: Griffin 3 Eli 3.8–
Yum Yum Yum! Chucks captivated our taste buds with the moist and flavorful juices gushing from their carnitas tacos. The fat from the pork coated our mouths in just the right way and left us with a lasting warm taste. The thick strips of grilled onions were the cherry on top and cemented these as our favorite tacos of the bunch. The carne asada was a bit of a different story despite its good taste. Small bits of beef combined with a slightly wet texture left the tortilla a little soggy. We also acquired a horchata which can only be described as scrumptious–it was smooth and sweet with a hint of caramel, and had the perfect amount of cinnamon. Overall, Chuck’s is definitely worth a trip.

Taqueria Sotelo Taco Truck-
Rating: Carnitas, Griffin-4 Eli-2.5 Carne Asada: Griffin-3.9 Eli-3.8-
This Taco joint is your go-to spot after flashing some V12s at the climbing gym. The shredded carnitas, mixed with the finely chopped cilantro and onions will leave your mouth basking in delicious flavor. The carnitas were a little bit on the salty side, but it was manageable. The tortillas were crispy and it added to the already flavorful meat. The carne asada was your typical meat but still delicious–juicy with small chucks, which guaranteed lots of meat in your mouth with each bite. The horchata was smooth and refreshing but was nothing to write home about. Don’t forget to hit up the Green Door on your way out for your side of veggies!

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Let’s Taco Bout It