Which Iconic Children’s Book Are You?

We all have little Corduroy in us.


By Izzy W.

Count up how many A’s, B’s, etc. you get!

Are you introverted or extroverted? 

a. Introverted!

b. Mostly introverted but I like a good party

c. Mostly extroverted but I can hit my boundaries fairly easily

d. Extroverted!


Are you a night owl or a morning bird?

a. My sleep schedule is so inconsistent I can’t even answer this question

b. Night owl

c. Not really one or the other

d. Morning bird


What color is math?

a. Red (the correct answer)

b. Blue

c. Orange

d. What does this mean


How would your friends best describe you?

a. Laid-back and easygoing

b. Generous

c. Energetic

d. Passionate about your interests


How would you describe your middle school self?

a. Please don’t remind me that I existed in middle school that’s so embarrassing

b. Quiet and generally likable on the middle school scale of likability 

c. I was a cool 12 year old (no you weren’t)

d. Loud and energetic


What’s your dream tattoo?

a. Something that makes me feel nostalgic

b. Something minimalistic

c. I want pure chaos in ink

d. I don’t want any tattoos


Do you name your houseplants?

a. I 100% would if I had any

b. Yes! My plants are like my children

c. I’m a bit too destructive/careless to take care of any living thing

d. No they’re just plants


If you got mostly…

A’s: Corduroy by Don Freeman

  • Congrats on being a “pleasure to have in class” for the past 10 years of your life! But stop letting people walk all over you – your voice deserves to be heard. 


B’s: Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown

  • You take notes in like 10 different colored calligraphy pens and I respect you for that. You’re either extremely organized or are faking it until you actually become that person with their life together.


C’s: The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss

  • You probably use humor as a coping mechanism and may strongly identify with Patrick from The Perks of Being a Wallflower (are you okay?). You might act on impulse at times but you always know how to entertain the people around you!


D’s: The Ramona Series by Beverly Cleary

  • You have happy younger sibling energy and you brighten everyone’s day just by existing! Based on very little knowledge of astrology, you’re probably a Leo or an Aries.