Treat’s Eats


Photo by Sam Treat

Fish Guys

411 23rd Ave S

Fish Guys is located very conveniently, kitty-corner from the Starbucks on Jackson. While poké is not for everyone, those who do enjoy the raw fish dish will love Fish Guys. As you enter the restaurant (and fish market), the smell of the ocean greets your nostrils. The rice is well-seasoned with a salty, seaweed mix. The fish is equally well seasoned and very flavorful. My one drawback with poké is the texture of the raw  fish, but if that is not an issue for you– you’ll love Fish Guys! (Pro tips: ask for the student discount and try the Hawaiian Bread Pudding for dessert!)


Med Mix

2204 S Jackson St

This quaint Mediterranean establishment is right across the street from everyone’s favorite place– Washington Middle School. Despite the fact it is adjacent to that garbage dump, the food is delectable. The family-owned business was previously located at the current location of another Garfield favorite– Uncle Ike’s. The lamb-beef gyro is by far the most popular menu item, and for good reason. The combination of tzatziki, warm pita, and delicious meat is more than enough to make the gyro my #1 recommendation. If your budget allows it and you’re feeling adventurous, try out one of the homemade greek desserts.


Nate’s Wings and Waffles

1224 E Jefferson St

Whether you are a wings person or waffles person, this restaurant has something for you. The wings (get the breaded ones!) offer a threshold of flavor and texture unmatched by any earthly experience. For those okay with spice, the classic buffalo are delicious, though you may want to get a belgian waffle or garlic fries to help your mouth out. Otherwise, the chipotle barbecue wings are scrumptous. For a slightly higher price, the waffle-chicken sliders are the best of both worlds, and well worth the price. The one downside of this restaurant is that you will likely need every minute of your lunch to get the food.