7 Steps to a Better Student Section

If there’s one thing Garfield has, it’s school spirit. This much is obvious on Homecoming and Purple and White, but what about on game days?  We’re seriously lacking when it comes to supporting our teams and it’s time to step up the game.  If we all follow these steps, our student section will be the envy of Seattle Public Schools in no time.


Step 1: SHOW UP: A student section really only needs one thing: students.  It may seem like a huge commitment to abandon your ever-so-exciting Friday night plans to stand in the cold and scream for a few hours, but trust us, it’ll be worth it if everyone does it.  The only thing that makes being a spectator fun is who you’re watching it with, so assemble your squad, organize a carpool, and get down to the game.


Step 2: Be Loud and Rowdy: Step one is borderline useless without the passion of a middle-aged white woman that’s late for her zumba class. There’s something special in taking pride in your school and you Bulldogs now get to fully embrace this opportunity in the wonder years of your life. When a Bulldog pops someone’s helmet off with a big hit, scream! When a Bulldog changes direction so quickly their opponents ankles shatter, scream! Basically, when in doubt, scream. And oddly enough, a loud student section helps the players too.


Step 3: Be Creative: The name of the game is to be specific and to be adaptive. Was it really an airball if the shot wasn’t followed by three loud “AIRBALL” screams? And how could someone throw an interception without being called “Eli Manning” for the rest of the game? In order to truly motivate yourself to a new realm of sports cheers college football Saturdays or even English Premier League Soccer games can satisfy your need for new chants.


Step 4: Spirit Gear: If you really want to prove your school spirit, you’ve got to be decked out from head to toe.  Whether that means digging out your old cross country sweatshirt, browsing through the student store, or finding the perfect purple cheer skirt online, do what you have to do.  Pro tip: spend a few hours searching through local thrift stores for some vintage Garfield gear.


Step 5: Be Unified: There’s nothing worse than a scattered student section. Everyone that goes to Garfield is able to bond over a single commonality, and that is that we go to the best school in the world. When the students get spread out, it’s kind of unclear that there’s a student section at all, defeating all of your hard work.  So stick together, and stay rowdy.  After all, how else will you intimidate the other team?


Step 6: Get Personal: There’s no better way to shake up the competition than to hit them where it hurts. And since tackling the other players isn’t exactly an option from the sidelines, dig up some dirt and single them out.  Whether it’s yelling the name of an ex-girlfriend, the location of an embarrassing moment, or any other classified information, you’ll be sure to throw them off their game and gain a few points for the Bulldogs.


Step 7: If administration tries to shut you down, you’re doing something right. Just don’t be a bigot.