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News Briefs

Josh Chestnut

February 7, 2017

Transgender Bathroom Repeal in WA The issue surrounding the use of public and private bathrooms continues in Washington state. The beginning of 2017 was met with a group called I Just Want Privacy, filing a ballot initiative in order to repeal the previous bathroom rule installed by the Human Rights...

Signs of Change

Signs of Change

Lily Laesch and Julia Lin

January 31, 2017

Recently, throughout the city and the nation, there has been a push for creating a more welcoming environment for all. At Garfield, an evident sign of this is the movement to instate gender neutral bathrooms throughout the school. Garfield students and Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) officers are working to m...

America’s Worst Fear

America's Worst Fear

By Delphi Drake-Mudede

January 24, 2017

With each passing year, we see more large scale violence by way of gun or other weapon on campuses and in other public places. When looking at the reactions and consequences, it becomes difficult to ignore the reality that entire groups of people can be punished for the acts of a few. With the rise...

Food Photography

Food Photography

November 30, 2016

Whether it be the half-eaten banana we consumed for breakfast or the Buffalo Wild Wings we ate during dinner, we’ve all taken some sort of food picture in our lives. Among other things on Instagram and Facebook, food photography has been one of the reigning trends. Although we all don’t have $500 camera...

“Love Trumps Hate”

“Love Trumps Hate”

Bella Rowland-Reid

November 16, 2016

Amidst the fog and rain that plagued the morning of November 9th, an estimated 200+ Garfield students stood on the school’s front steps in a demonstration of unity and solidarity in the wake of the results of the 2016 Presidential Election. Just before midnight the night before, Republican Nominee Donald...

What’s at Stake on November 8th

Lily Laesch

November 9, 2016

Throughout the history of the United States, people have fought and suffered to be able to vote. Nevertheless, in the last twenty years, no more than sixty-five percent of eligible voters cast a ballot in any presidential election. Historically, voting has occurred in person on election day, the Tuesday...

News Briefs

Esther Chien

November 9, 2016

Trump or Clinton? With the general election less than two weeks away, most Americans are very anxious to see which presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, will make it to victory. A recent CNN/ORC poll on 916 registered voters shows that almost 7 in 10 voters think that Clin...

New Bulldogs at GHS

Flora Taagen

October 28, 2016

Garfield has over 130 staff members, a dauntingly large amount. With numerous counselors and a multitude of teachers, the staff community is no doubt big. To make these numbers a little less impersonal, let's zoom in on a one notable teacher new to the dog pound.    Mr. Zimmerman: “I cook all the time, I was...

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